Samples from SF Movies That Have Been Used In More Than One Pop Song

Wake up - time to die!

Leon to Deckard, in Blade Runner

Okay, everybody online and looking good; let's see what we can see.

Gorman to the marines, Aliens.

[sort of clicky beepy sound]

Mother, the main computer, to Ripley, in Alien.

He's losing his mind, and he feels it going

The narrator, from LSD-25; not strictly an SF movie, but still.

Side props to Aliens: The Musical. I would make a list of SF musicals, with this and Fundament, but that would lay me open to charges of filk sympathism, so i won't.

OMFG mother lode111 According to this data, Blade Runner is the most sampled movie in the world ... ever! Interestingly, almost all of the most sampled movies are SF - US presidents, preachers, serial killers, etc rate highly, NASA is in second place, Vietnam movies do well, but other than that, it's non-stop SF (albeit including quite a lot of supernatural horror).