The Incomprehensible Failure That Is ScottishPower's Website

Executive summary: do not under any circumstances sign up as an online customer with ScottishPower. If terrorists burst in and demand that you sign up, threatening you with death otherwise, take the bullet.

Why? It's the website. ScottishPower's gas and electricity are perfectly good, and i'm sure they're lovely people, but their website is a failure, and when you're an online customer, that's a problem.

Let's have a little run-down of the problems, shall we? And let's give them a star (ie asterisk) rating - two stars for showstoppers, one for major inconveniences, and none for merely highly irritating features.

Verdict: monkeys. This website is simply gratuitously bad. I honestly do not understand how any human being could create a website this bad. The only explanation is that they used monkeys. Retarded monkeys.