Marston Cycle Path flooding information

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You may also find the current flag status of the river useful. This page tracks the level of the Isis at Friar's Wharf; Geraint Jones informs me that 15" to 20" above normal there seems to be a good match for a flooded path.

The Environment Agency has an automated level meter at the Southern end of Mesopotamia with two readings available: upstream and downstream. Once calibrated against the flooding of the path these should provide a useful warning mechanism.

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Thursday 9 February 2023 16:50 : Beth () said:
Just spotted that there's now a gritt box on the cycle path near the bridges!

Wednesday 25 January 2023 06:46 : Y ( said:
So much black ice this morning be really careful, especially at the areas around the bottom of Ferry Road where the tarmac is quite smooth

Friday 20 January 2023 11:43 : KS () said:
Gates leading off the path now open again (towards St Catz and into Uni Parks). \nParsons Pleasure still locked (and still partially flooded). \nPath itself dry but icy on the edges. \n

Friday 20 January 2023 10:36 : Jonathan ( said:
Water completely receded from the path now. Very icy along the path and on the bridge

Thursday 19 January 2023 09:05 : Joel () said:
Water level has continued receding, around 10 cm max now. Beware black ice this morning at the Marston end, and ice on the bridges still.

Wednesday 18 January 2023 20:45 : Joseph Z ( said:
Cycled through at around 8:30. Water level has receded and I didnít get my shoes wet. Could still be a bit deep for walking though.

Wednesday 18 January 2023 08:35 : Peter ( said:
I found the path cycle-able at 8am (with the pedal-cranking trick), but you do need to take it easy on the bridges, which are indeed very icy.

Tuesday 17 January 2023 19:00 : Dom W () said:
Repeating the warning. Water level has gone down compared with this morning. Passable on bike or in wellies. But there is black ice at the Marston end of the flood as you go around the signs - REALLY slippery! I think will be even more treacherous in the morning.

Tuesday 17 January 2023 13:37 : Sam ( said:
cycled through at lunchtime 17th Jan, water was above pedal height. Audience of spectators on the bridge end. Ice on both ends slippier than it looks. Ice-cold water rushed into the top of my right (ankle-height) boot, but none in my left... make of that what you will & good luck! \n \n- sam

Tuesday 17 January 2023 08:38 : Beth () said:
It's definitely lower but there is ice at the edge either end of the water. The bridges are icy but barely anything compared to the cold spell last year!

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