Marston Cycle Path flooding information

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You may also find the current flag status of the river useful. This page tracks the level of the Isis at Friar's Wharf; Geraint Jones informs me that 15" to 20" above normal there seems to be a good match for a flooded path.

The Environment Agency has an automated level meter at the Southern end of Mesopotamia with two readings available: upstream and downstream. Once calibrated against the flooding of the path these should provide a useful warning mechanism.

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Friday 19 December 2014 13:06 : Anne ( from ( said:
I think a few years ago they used to close different paths for Christmas and New Year, one day was the cycle path, the other was the path down past the Islamic studies place

Friday 19 December 2014 12:57 : Peter () from ( said:
Quite, can anyone clarify how many days a year it needs to be closed to prevent it becoming a right of way? If one day is enough, surely New Year's Day would be better than Christmas? We could approach the University to change it.

Friday 19 December 2014 12:35 : Elizabeth () from () said:
The actual reason for the closures almost certainly is, as you say, to stop it becoming a public right of way. But indeed, you only need to close it one day a year for that. My rather cynical view was that they close it on several Christmassy public holidays, rather than just one, to give the *impression* that they're closing it because some non-existent guardian of the path was getting a day off, so that it wouldn't be quite so transparent that they're just deliberately stopping it from being a right of way..... \n \nRather a shame as the path would be so perfect for the obligatory after-Christmas-lunch stroll.

Friday 19 December 2014 12:27 : Mark ( from ( said:
Regarding the closures I've always been under the impression it's to stop the path becoming a public right of way (for which uninterrupted access is needed)...but that may just be hearsay.

Friday 19 December 2014 12:10 : Peter () from ( said:
Closure on Christmas Eve is ,however, reliably prompt. Don't try cycling into town for Midnight Mass unless you're prepared to go the long way back, or climb over with a bike. Can anyone explain need for these closures anyway? Surely one would be enough?

Friday 19 December 2014 11:03 : Geraint () from ( said: claims that reopening is at midnight, but experience in the past is that it is more like when the Parks open in the morning.

Friday 19 December 2014 10:52 : Stephanie () from ( said:
Don't forget the holiday closures of the cycle track and Mesopotamia. I am spelling it out very pedantically as I am never sure of the exact timings: I hope I have got it right. \n \nChristmas Eve: Cycle track open until midnight \nChristmas Day: Cycle track closed all day \nBoxing Day: Cycle track open from 1am \n \nNew Year's Eve: Cycle track is open until midnight \nNew Year's Day: Cycle track is closed all day \n2 January: Cycle track open from 1am

Monday 13 October 2014 10:01 : Sarah () from ( said:
Found: front bike light by the cattle grid at the Marston end of the path the end of last week - email me if it is yous: sazzymiddleton[at]

Thursday 1 May 2014 11:22 : Nigel Berry () from ( said:
In reply on the resurfacing work - I believe that is confined to Mesopotamia, not to the cycle track. The cycle track was fine first thing today.

Thursday 1 May 2014 10:44 : Eugene () from ( said:
Did I see there was some resealing planned - is this preventing passage?

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An A-road walks into a bar and asks for a pint. The barman serves him, but he looks really tough and the barman worries that there'll be trouble.

Then a dual carriage way walks in and buys a pint. The barman again notes that he looks tough and says, ‘Look, I don't want any trouble, so could you sit in that corner away from the A-road?’ So the dual carriage way does.

Soon afterwards, in walks a motorway and gets a pint, who looks extremely tough, so the barman makes him sit in another corner away from the other two roads.

A bit later, a really small road walks in and buys a diet coke. The A-road, dual carriage way and motorway all look at him aghast and run out of the pub. The barman grabs the motorway on the way past and asks, ‘Why are you running out? He's a really tiny road.’

The motorway replies, ‘He's no road, he's a cycle path!’

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