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Molecular And Cellular Biochemistry: Course References

Welcome to the course references webpage. The aim of the page is to provide links to online resources relating to the part I undergraduate biochemistry course at Oxford University, including relevant websites and all possible references from lecture courses.. It is not intended to be a fully comprehensive reference list; for example, there isn't much here on metal ions because Professor Ferguson's references are almost exclusively from Science, to which we do not have online access. Note that if you're not accessing this page from within Oxford University, it is likely that many of the links will not work.

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I realise there are many areas of the course this website does not cover well; this may be because of a lack of online references as mentioned above, but it may also be simply because I don't know of any good online references. So, if you spot a gap and have relevant references to plug it (for example, from a tutorial), then please tell me!

A note on access: Access to online journals is often restricted to subscribing institutions, or even to individual subscriptions. If you're within oxford, you should be alright for most things, but there are a couple of notable exceptions such as Nature and Science that require you to have a personal subscription (at least for now). If you're outside Oxford, a good website to sign up with is BioMedNet, which provides full-text access to a number of journals including (most usefully) a lot of 'Trends' and 'Current Opinions'.

A further note on access, summer 2001: BMN seem to have restricted their full-text access, so it's likely that many of the URLs are now broken. Having finished part I, I'm not likely to go through and check them all any time soon; however, if you're within Oxford, you should be able to get at the papers via Science Direct in most cases.

This page was written by Niall Harrison.