Angharad Greens Library

Angharad Greens Library contains a random assortment of SF from harder stuff to a big pile of fantasy. It is distributed between Oxford and Cardiff with, in general, the better stuff in Oxford cos I've read it more recently.

I only have hardback books if someone gives them to me (or if they're Neal Stephenson 's Baroque Cycle) so when I say I own all/most of a particular author I don't include the latest hardback cos I'm not Niall Harrison...

This list is not at all comprehensive and is just the stuff off the top of my head..

Douglas Adams

Isaac Asimov

Iain Banks

Iain M Banks

Greg Bear

Ben Bova?

Greg Egan

Paul Di Filippo

Neil Gaiman

Mary Gentle

William Gibson

Terry Goodkind?

Mark Haddon?

Peter F Hamilton

Robin Hobb

Gwyneth Jones

Yann Martel?

George RR Martin

China Mieville

Anne Mc Caffrey (pretty much everything but mostly in Cardiff)

Ian R Macleod

Ian Mc Donald?

Ken Mac Leod (pretty much everything)

Terry Pratchett? (pretty much everything; everything that came out since I had decent pocket money up to and including Monstrous Regiment?)

Alastair Reynolds

Kim Stanley Robinson

Justina Robson


Neal Stephenson

Tricia Sullivan?

Liz Williams

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