British Weather

<> will tell you what the Marston Cyclepath is up to.

Rain, rain rain rain. Gale, gale gale gale. Sun. Rain, rain rain rain. Fog, fog, rain, fog, rain. Snow. Sun. Rain, rain rain rain.

Which must really tax the creative minds of the Met Office to find new and exciting ways to describe the same old blatter --TL

This is why they spend more time devising new and expensive ways to illustrate the same old blatter -c.f. giant floating maps in Liverpool Docks, CGI, velcro, etc etc. It's the same rain, but at least the weatherman/girl has a new way of telling us about it. --WJR

Ye-es... at least they don't try and whip up our enthusiasm <marvin> because we haven't got any </marvin> about it all, as in America Land... --TL

You probably shouldn't see Groundhog Day then, with its weatherman hero- on the other hand, it does take the mickey out of it. --WJR


This isn't weather, it's an invasion by small white powdery aliens. -- WJR

I know this belongs in Insane S!!t, but it's needless in a country like ours... --TL

Ah, but when the technology gets to the stage where undergraduates can play with it in University labs, can't you just see the potential for Oxbridge rivalry? Forget one-legged herring duelling, the OUSFG and CUSFS of the future will duel with thunderstorms ... :-D -- WJR

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