Doc Soc

The Oxford University Doctor Who and Cult Television Society (aka OU Who, Doc Soc or Whosoc --TL)

Standard meetings held weekly in term-time at the Old Refectory, Wadham College. Sunday meetings occasionally held in the Ferrar Room, Hertford College. Also various meals out or trips to the pub, and an upcoming excursion to the village of Aldbourne (, in order to perform various satanic rituals.

Virtues of the society- a former President and Vice-President who are wonderful beings of great power and wisdom. We show Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and others, including classic films with cult status such as "Enemy Mine", "Withnail And I" and "Les Visiteurs", not to mention "Forbidden Planet", and have nice flame wars to keep us warm in the winter.

We produce a 'whenever there's enough material' magazine, Tides Of Time.

Vices of the society- lusts for curry and Buffy The Vampire Slayer which can presumably only be jointly satisfied by the serving of curried Sarah Michelle Gellar- or curried David Boreanaz, for those amongst us who eat only vegetables.

Also, a tendency to get rather pedantic at the slightest provocation - a vice shared with certain cadres of OUSFG? --TL


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