Freshers Drinks

Freshers' Drinks, which typically occur around the start of term- usually on Saturday of 0th Week for OUSFG, are University societies chance to get to know prospective members socially, as human beings (or whatever, not wishing to be speciesist) before the normal round of video meetings, argu... discussion meetings, trips to the OUSFG Library etc.

Drinks are provided for all attendees, however non-Freshers split the total cost between them. OUSFG Freshers' Drinks occasionally (traditionally! -- TA) feature OUSFG Punch. The method of division of costs and the morality of the application of punch to freshers are both hotly (not to mention tediously) debated.

I still vividly remember my first encounter with OUSFG, at Freshers' Drinks in Michaelmas '98, in the Massey Room of Balliol College. Jo, Ian, Ruth, Robin and a couple of other Oldies were there, and they threw small plush monkeys at the likes of myself, John The Graduate, Tom Anderson Mike Froggatt, Niall Harrison, Richard Philips, and other newbies, until The President of OUSFG arrived, who I at least was expecting to be a worryingly 'together' and business-like figure (this was to be my first encounter with the president of a university society, obviously). Alx Williams walked in. -- WJR

Oh The Irony!

I remember that drinks too, in much the same way. Extra points of notice were Alex standing on a table and shouting at us, and a very interesting conversation with Gideon and various others about utopias; that conversation was, several years later, turned into a very, very boring talk given by me and Mike Froggatt. -- TA

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