Hello Glastonbury

In conversation, particularly with those (over) fond of language, you may encounter a phrase peculiarly well-suited to being the name of a band: this can be flagged by a cry of "Hello Glastonbury, we're bandname". This is of course a reference to the Glastonbury Festival; the US version of this would be 'Hello, New York!' or 'Hello, Cleveland!'. After the exclamation, the conversation may resume; alternatively, a brief discussion of the band's likely genre may ensue. It depends on how good the original conversation was, I guess.

As with all such memes, Moderation Should Be Your Watchword.

For example, when discussing The Flipside Of Dominick Hide, you might feel compelled to exclaim "Hello Glastonbury - we are the Beardy Junglers!".

Or, when reading about game theory, to exclaim "Hello Glastonbury - we are the Grim Trigger Strategy!" (<http://www.gametheory.net/Dictionary/GrimTrigger.html>).

A sort of cousin of Hello Glastonbury made flesh is Song Fight.

Hello Glastonbury is not related to Hello Kitty.

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