Jeff Noon

Jeff Noon was a Manchester based Science Fiction author (though he now lives in Brighton). His first three novels (Vurt, Pollen, and Nymphomation) are all set in a near-future Manchester. His work is arguably Cyber Punk, but with perhaps a little less emphasis on the 'cyber'. He claims he's not SF any more, and possibly never was. He used to work in Waterstones Manchester Deansgate.


The Vurt trilogy are reasonably good (and certainly very distinctive), Pixel Juice (a collection of short stuff) is great, and Automated Alice is great fun. -- TA

Reading Automated Alice recently has suddenly made clear to me, having not read the Alice books for years (if at all), what a great writer Lewis Carroll? really was. But Automated Alice was written by Jeff Noon! Thrice curs'd am I, a fool! Does anyone else find it takes reading an homage/pastiche to make them realise how great an original really was? If so, could someone dash off a quick pastiche of the complete works of Peter F Hamilton, preferably shorter?--MF

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