Larkin And Prestwich Rooms

That is to say, the Larkin Room and the Prestwich Room in Sir Thomas White Quad of St Johns College.

One is carpeted and has French windows (Freedom Windows?) opening out on to a lawn at the back, opposite the MCR Fortress Sinister, one has a wooden uncarpeted floor and French windows which open out on to the Sir Thomas White Quad itself. Very few people can tell which is which with any certainty, despite the fact that they both have metal signs attached to them. The two rooms interconnect, having doors on to a common staircase, and have for the past two years been used as an excellent venue for the OUSFG and RPG Soc Christmas Party.

We should make every effort to acquire members of St Johns College who will be willing and able to book this in future. The uncarpeted room (chosen for obvious reasons) is to be used for the serving and consumption of drinks and/or OUSFG Punch, and for general conversation, the carpeted room for those who wish to brave the 'dancefloor' and the RPG Soc DJ.

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