Micro Soft

Evil Space Empire from America Land. Creator of Windows in all its forms. Windows666 is expected soon. (So thank heavens for Lin Ux...) Technically, the next version of Windows is known as 'Project Longhorn'.

On the other hand, is one of the top ten givers of percentage total profits to charity - but, as that's nine percent of its millions, 'could try harder...' --TL

Still, that is reasonably good. Mind you, isn't there a grand old tradition of evil supervillains having a public face of philanthropy? -- WJR

There's the other problem: vulnerability. Everyone and their metaphorical dog writes viruses specific to Windows, to Internet Explorer or (infamously perhaps) to Outlook Express. Latest wheeze: --TL


On the other hand, this might be rather more promising, let's hope it's not a flash in the pan:


Except what they're saying is that they'll let government security agencies see their source code, and then only if they sign a non-disclosure agreement. To be honest, the Russian Mafia is still your best bet for getting a look at Micro Soft source code, and failing that, quite a bit of it is in the appendices of the Necro Nomicon. Aha, is that what Miserable OFB is currently researching then?? :)

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