New York

"So good, they named it twice..."

Part of America Land. Reputedly has some rather interesting second hand bookstalls, amongst the Star Bucks'. -- WJR

Also the location for Men In Black 1 and 2: "why else would they hold [the World's Fair] in Queens?" A lot of the jokes in that movie make a heck of a lot more sense if you've ever sampled the local culture(s). Also, still the best location for bagels in the universe (or, to be more exact, a mad place on the edge of Astor Place) In short, weird and wonderful. The inspiration for Fritz Lang's and Thea Von Harbou's 'Metropolis' --TL

Loved by the Gremlins, in the second Spielberg movie of that name. -- WJR

Otherwise known as 'The Big Apple', for reasons which escape me. -- WJR Ah, having moved there I can enlighten you. In days of yore there was a particular jazz dive/bar in Harlem whose insignia was an enormous apple. So musicians would talk about going to the 'Big Apple'... and eventually the name was applied to the city as a whole. --TL

Occasionally more of a film set than a city... several non-SF films made here only recently, and of course many TV series.

Home of the New York Times.

I live and work and edit sff in New York. there are some non-Star Bucks coffee places here, thank God. BTW, if you are a British Person, you will have great luck finding people to date etc. We are bowled over by the accents.--SDN Send me one/some please! I seem to keep finding very suitable people in NYC except for this pond thingy being in the way [LR] What are your specs?--SDN Of me or the sort of guy I'm interested in? :-) Yes.

Now it too has a wiki. Awesome: <>

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