Niall Harrison

Niall Harrison was OUSFG Librarian in early 1999 and 2000-2001, and OUSFG President in 2001-2002. He now works as a Medical Writer? while moonlighting as Reviews Editor? for Strange Horizons, co-editor (with Geneva Melzack) of the BSFA's critical journal, Vector, and reviewer for various places.

Niall has a Live Journal: <lj:coalescent> and a webpage:

See Niall Harrisons Library for a not-at-all up-to-date list of the books he owns.

A list of links he wanted to stash, back in the days:

An exchange about Margaret Atwood

Niall, is it okay if i lift your writing about Margaret Atwood Vs SF? It'd definitely be valuable here. If not, please don't hesitate to delete the page; i've taken the sizeable liberty of thieving it straight away, as it's unlikely that anyone will see it before you get a chance to delete it. -- TA

Sure, no problem. Feel free to take anything else you like the look of, too. It's quite flattering, actually. -- NH

Oh, no worries, the rest of your livejournal's toss. -- TA

Obviously, i'd use a smiley there if my conscience allowed it. -- TA

A simple </pred> would have sufficed, I feel... -- NH

Actually, it's relevant that Greg Egan Has Read A New Kind Of Science.

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