Number 48 Cranham Street

Inhabited by Archie Maskill, Alx Williams and Lorna Robinson from May, 1999 to September 2003. Most of the furnishings now seems to be lying in a skip outside the house (including the walls of Lorna's old room).

Small, two-up-two-down terraced house. Falling apart. Held the entire library for an uncomfortable amount of time. The occupants didn't realise what squalor they lived in until the library was reduced by about a third. Two thirds stayed here as The Stacks. The other third went to Staircase 21 Room 4, because it was felt a non-college location would be off-putting for freshers. Then it went to Sebastian's room in the Martin Building. Another non-collegiate location. Ho hum.

The OUSFG Library has spent more than it's fair share of time here. It's only a small, two-up-two-down terraced house, so it'd be unsurprising to find that the occupants may dislike confined spaces.

There's a tonne of Fundamentalist Christian literature lying around for your perusal (see Chick Tracts). There's not as much alcohol as some people seem to make out. Perhaps they're confusing "lots of alcohol" with "some STROH". OK, it's a lot of STROH (as STROH goes), but it's not that much in terms of "a quantity of liquid".

But STROH probably has rather more alcohol per volume than most other alcholic beverages.

Certainly - STROH has more alcohol by volume than anything legally sold in this country as a drink! But there's under 1 litre of STROH, so that's the equivalent of only 2 bottles of normal spirits. Hence many houses have more alcohol by volume than 48 Cranham Street.

Hosted a post-banquet party once. Took ages to get the battery acid out of the carpet (everyone look at Tom Anderson).

Look! There's that battery-acid guy over there! Ah, you missed him. -- TA

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