Plush Cthulhu

A plush incarnation of Great Cthulhu. The ideal kids' toy! Comes in a range of sizes, with normal, gothic, summer and santa editions, plus a special 'Dracthulu' thing.

Currently a sore subject for Archie Maskill. He was sent a number of packages from a friend in America Land, the second of which contained a plush Cthulu. Unfortunately, they were sent to Number 46 Cranham Street, rather than Number 48 Cranham Street. The occupants of 46 are having a good, long look for it. Now, if OUSFG actually had the OUSFG Paramilitary Wing it was planning in the late nineties...

In that case, somewhere in North Oxford there lurks an unchained Plush Cthulhu. It has slipped quietly, stealthily out of human ken, and now waits as its plans to conquer the universe reach fruition... Wait a minute... is there anything in the University Statutes to explicitly prevent a plush toy becoming a Proctor? So that's why we've been demoted to SFG!

It most likely lurks in the undescribable, cold, murky & unforgiving depths of the canal, snatching at the bodies of discarded whores as they drift with the current, face-down. Ahem! Alternatively, it's just waiting for its big moment in the Punt Party Panto to arrive...

Category Unknowable Horror

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