Punt Party

The Punt Party is OUSFG's annual Trinity-term maritime outing. The society proceeds by punt (or on foot) to Parsons Pleasure, where they eat lunch, drink heartily and perform and/or watch the Punt Party Panto.

It involves putting members of the society in punts (at least one punting-capable member should be in each punt, for preference),

A number of societies (including RPG Soc and CUSFS) also have punt parties in Trinity term; this is partly to celebrate the end of the academic year, and partly because Trinity Term is the only term when you stand a reasonable chance of holding an event outside without getting rained on. And it's a punt party because punting is good fun, and traditional.

OUSFG's Punt Party is superior to all other forms of punt party due to (a) its frankly extraordinary Punt Party Panto (b) the frequent use of explosives (involved in an ourobouros of mutual justification with the panto) (c) the inevitable post-party-party. Our explosives do not always go off, but so far, no tragic deaths or disablings of children have been traced to us.

A Punt Party 2003 Report will be written by William Ramsden, once William Ramsden has had a decent night's sleep. Error in sentience.exe, rebooting. Press ESC to clear. No! Sleep is the mind-killer!

Category Unknowable Horror

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