Punt Party Panto

Play traditionally 'performed' by OUSFG, for the amusement and instruction of OUSFG, passing ducks, and scared tourists, on Parsons Pleasure (OUSFG are generally clothed) at the Punt Party. It is a tradition of the society that this play is written the night before by selected OUSF Gi, the selection process being one of natural selection of the order of 'whoever manages to stay up until we stop procrastinating and write the flipping thing'.

Past Punt Party Panto scripts are available here:

Crash meets Star Wars (1998)<http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/SF/misc/crashx.txt>
Di(e) (1999)<http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/SF/misc/die.html> (Princess Diana meets Men In Black)
The Kitten Maze (2000)Mercifully lost (but see William Ramsden's comment below)
Oedipus Rennt (2001)<http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/SF/misc/ppp2000.txt> (Oedipus Rex meets Lola Rennte?)
Untitled (2002)<http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/SF/misc/ppp2002.txt> (Lord of The Ring-Tones?)
Twelve Angry Bullet-Time Proof Monkeys At The Earth's Core, or, The Best Punt Party Panto In The World ... Ever! (2003)Webification in progress. Includes The (Agent) Smiths (being a chorus), alarums at the Earth's Core, the European Capital of The Culture, Monkeys (numerous and spectacular), Bullitt time, Hammer time, and a number of further elements including a script, actors and M John Harrison in a tiara (tbc).

The dates may not be right. The plays certainly aren't right; they're not even wrong.

Missing from this list is the play of 1999, The Crystal Maze of SF, or whatever we called it, starring Captain John Sheridan, Buffy The Ewok Slayer, "That Guy from Pi", Truman of "The Truman Show", Dai Vader, Darth's Welsh Cousin, and Kenny of "South Park". This is a pity, as it would make the Absence Of Giant Octopusses joke make sense. No it wouldn't. I do, however, have a hard copy of the script lying around somewhere. Also missing, and I've never read it, but am semi-reliably informed that I'm not missing much, is the one produced while I was not in France but might as well have been as I was repeatedly missing Oxford events by one day. About the only notable information I've ever garnered about this play is that it was interrupted by one of Niall Harrison's housemates falling out of a tree. Well, Niall, you shouldn't move in with acorns and leaves, should you? -- WJR

As the time-line above suggests, the two missing plays you mention are, in fact, one and the same. The aforementioned plummet occurred at exactly the point at which the script ran out, possibly counting as the most spectacular play-ending special effect ever. The lesson to future panto writers is clear.

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