Star Trek

A global brand of TV Sci Fi, originally created by Gene Roddenberry. To date, there have been five incarnations: The Original Series (TOS), The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), Voyager and Enterprise .

Trek is at its best when confronting moral and ethical dilemmas (see: the Enterprise episode 'Dear Doctor', airing sunday 15/09/02 on C4). It is at its worst when dealing with plots that are developed, progressed and resolved entirely by techno babble with no thought given to the long-term implications of such events or their effects on the characters involved (see: almost any episode of Voyager ). Trek is also pretty good when it lets its writers use the background to do genuine SF, but this is rather rare.

Gene Roddenberry's original concept for the show was 'wagon train to the stars'. The current incarnations of Trek seem to bear little or no resemblence to this concept. On the other hand, Fire Fly looks as though it may be taking the idea a little too literally.

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