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"It's a tough question, and it has a lot to do with perception. Of course, everyone knows perception is reality."

"Nepotism is great as long as you have good nepots."

Me (thanx WJR)

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Newish wikizen, fan of Doctor Who (it's the best thing in the universe, and don't let Alx Williams tell you any different (If you need to be told, I doubt I'd bother telling you -- AW)). Friend of WJR. Have been told/accused that I look like Harry Potter - I couldn't possibly comment. At least Harry didn't go to Balliol, as far as I know... Currently he's too young...

October 27 2004: Happy birthday NYC Subway!

Discovered the joys of this place <> 11/10/03, rather later than my little sister, but love the smell of the 'Karma' soap...

Now taking up t'ai chi. Deceptively strenuous...

sniff Beagle 2: failed to bark. Obit now on the BBC. sniff

Collecting Historical Clangers. Please contribute.

Also wondering where you can Wi Fi In Oxford - tho' I don't have 802.11b/g so the point's rather academic...

These guys were providing filler programs on PBS. A little cheesy (MIDIs plus CGI), but kinda cool nonetheless -

<> (thanks WJR) The Doctor, apparently: let it not be said that I suffer from delusions of grandeur...

This guy, believe it or not, used to be my local councillor: now look - <,9029,951021,00.html>

<,9826,952537,00.html> Tristram Hunt gets medieval on Charles Clarke MP. YES.

Bloody Scousers! There is a universe that exists north of the Pennines, y'know: <>

Former Doc Soc President and OUSFG Librarian who believes, along with Brian Aldiss, that reclamation of SF from the dissin' of the literary establishment would be a Good Thing. Also intrigued by a Slashdotted treatise on the Tyranny Of Email, wondering if the same thing is beginning to apply to mobile 'phones...

Update 8 Oct 03: pleased to have rubbed shoulders with Paul Mc Gann himself (courtesy Borders)!

Why the name?

Be seeing you, TL

Oh, and while you're here, how about adding to Thea Logies Visitors Book?

Recent Views - just in case it's useful...

Attended on 6/11/2002 a question-and-answer session given by Philip Pullman himself. And even got his autograph! Pullmeister RAQ (a transcript of that session) is now completed. (A slightly variant version of it has now appeared in the Cherwell Newspaper, but since Cherwell Online hasn't been updated in ages, I can't give you wikizens a link. Shame)


<> Society of Young Publishers - excellent website, rather useful probably.

<> OU Vegetarian Soc. WJR, this might interest you and LP... it interests me.

<> Similar, only American.

Quality news sources/campaign sites:

Sniff: Alastair Cooke's retired from broadcasting his Letter From America. What a guy - ex-pat and raconteur extraordinaire. <> Cripes. Thank Gods for the NHS, eh? Internet on a Commodore 64 ??? (quality info for life in America Land...) especially in this context: <> Absolutely fascinating discussion on what happens when email memes are set loose into the wide blue yonder. Worth a read.

<> More memetics. Yippee.

Bacon NumberGenerator! This is good. There are even Arnie and Elvis versions. (the best things come in threes... 03/03/03!)

<> (slashdotted 21/2/03. Looks like a kindred spirit to Zool... :))

<> (What do people think?) (you couldn't make this up...),,1-575483,00.html (sick, but useful: hm, if someone finds out the format, scares could become too frequent.),12826,883544,00.html (evil character, pertinent comment)

<,10627,752817,00.html> (Web Logs and other animals.)

<> (beware obsolescence!)

<> (good site spoiled by too much Flash. Please note)

<,5543,401958,00.html> Now this is how Flash should be used. Excellent stuff.

<> (funny caption; interesting article...)

<,7371,337484,00.html> (Can't get enough of good old Steve Bell...)

Plush Cthulhu!

<> (more beginning-of-the-year prognostication...groan.)

<> Make your own minds up on this one. It got a full page advert in the Times...

<> Brain drain?

(I don't like to spoil this wiki with politics, but...) <> <,2763,883076,00.html> (and what does the British government know that its subjects don't?) <,6903,887301,00.html> (and surely, putting this about on the Internet isn't a good idea...) Science fiction finally weighs in (in the shape of Vonnegut)! <> Bad historical comparisons are refuted here, and thank goodness: <,2763,898414,00.html> Wicked! Wiki'd! <> <> phew. This one has issues. (No idea...)

<google:marmite>; <> I need to get out more.

<> Newcastle Brown Ale-flavoured toffee ice cream??? You heard it here...

<> This is good...

<> This is better. Earth and Jupiter in the same photo (all right, a socking BIG photo...).

Tocqueville online: interesting... <>

After an article in my favourite magazine, not to mention the Translation Hack's hilarity, this I gotta use somewhere: <>

Sheesh. Another justification for Shanks' Pony: <>

Why tech geeks will rule the universe: <,3604,1078616,00.html> (tho' not according to the Slashdotters)

I have much respect for this guy. <,2763,1082351,00.html>

Interesting but please note the feedback from the Oxford Internet Institute. These are the persons unknown responsible for the building works at Ball. Coll. for most of last year... <>

Giggle. This looks to be a hoot. <,7493,1092567,00.html>

You don't mean to tell me that Spirit was running Word 2000 do you?? <>

Sigh. <>

Phew. That explains a certain amount of bother at the turnstiles (apologies for long URL) :

Latest piece of insanity (does what it says on the tin): <>

One of the little things that really really ticks me off sometimes: <>

It's life, Jim, but maybe not as we know it: <>

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