Thousand Blank White Cards

The cards are blank. The game lasts until it ends. Those are facts. Everything else is pure theory.

Standard abbreviation: kBWC .... oh, that's not a Wikiname. Pity. Is KBWC? Yes, and like World Wrestling Entertainment a good way of concealing the evil behind an acronym... --TL


Some of Tom Anderson's personal favourite cards (by one particular author):

Alx Williams likes:

Where is the OUSFG deck now?

I've got it. I'll try to remember to bring it next time I come up. -- NH

<pred>We really should scan it.</pred> I've got a scanner at work. No free time, but a scanner. -- TA

I have free time, but no scanner. The logical way to proceed is for you to steal your place of work's scanner and give it to me. -- WJR

Utter, utter madness, but it sounds like a very good Silly Game to play... --TL

Which, giving William pieces of electronic equipment? Oh, I entirely agree. :~) Sorry, I know what you meant. Still, we'd presumably have to add you to the list of Zac and Doug (Canadian member, now apparently vanished into the ether) for the "American Continent sinks into the sea. Zac and Doug miss a turn." card. There was also a card for (something like) "Tom unleashes biogenetic plague", not to mention the strange building of cybernetic babies or something... we should definitely bring it back to life.

Blank White Card Suggestions

I play '5:30 am'- anyone awake misses a turn. -- WJR ;~\

My friend Jessamyn <> told me about this game -- their deck is the Seattle Electric Grimmeldeck <> -- and I am anxious to play it someday. -- SDN

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