Wide Sargasso Sea

I believe the expression I am looking for is 'Tripe'. Someone decided that Jane Eyre was demeaning to Creole women, and so tried to 'set the balance right'. The resulting book is demeaning to the printed word. If anyone disagrees violently with me on this, feel free to start a Wiki flame war.


Wide Sargasso Sea is to Jane Eyre as Return To The Forbidden Planet is to The Tempest; a retelling of the same story in a different setting.

The Wind Done Gone?, on the other hand, is a retelling of Gone With The Wind? in the same setting, from a different point of view, just as Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead is a retelling of Hamlet from a different point of view.

William, are you sure that the motive for the retelling was that the original was demeaning to Creole women?

This is according to what I was told at Eng. Lit A-level- mind you, the teacher in question was eternally and noisily grinding a feminist axe. It also expresses this motive in the preface to at least one edition, from what I recall. --WJR

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