Welcome to Wills New Website!

AKA The Basra Blogger, AKA bornagainbiker, AKA Omega Hunter
Hopefully your someone who've I've pointed towards my website for some reason (be it obscure or not), however, if you have just come here to kill time, then I guess you've already wasted some seconds reading this. Im not going to give them back. Your still welcome to click around if you like, but If you email me, I might not reply, especially if you seem like a psycopathic stalker trying to kill me.

Here for no apparent reason, is a recent picture of me.

You Might also know me as bornagainbiker or omega-hunter depending of your contact with me :-). For those wanting the explanation of borngagainbiker, have a look at Livejournal. For the online gaming fans, Omega Hunter (or an allowable variation of this) Is my gaming name. The origins of this are shrouded in mystery, which only the darkest of my enemies will ever learn (before meeting an unenviable fate ;-)

I built this site using the latest in Web-Sculpting software! All hail Vim, Notepad and Opera!

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