Welcome to Wills Page of Fun

This page is all about how I entertain myself and others. Business People, Begone!

Well, as you can guess, I like to sail. I like to sail little boats like dinghys. Like these really. I'm not and excellent sailor. I can sail in a straight line, and I can turn, and I can tack, so I can do all the basics. I just wish to do more. And I want to belong to a sailing club. And have my own Dinghy. Possibly even a cat!

I also, I am part of Her Britanic Majesties' Territorial Army, with, according to the RTMC, the Rank of Officer Cadet. This is most fitting, as I am trying to gain a commission. But that part of my life is rather private at the moment. Instead of that, lets look at what I've done.

  • Ex - Amber Hope 2003 - Multinational Peacekeeping Excercise, as part of FINBAT
  • Jersey Expedition 2001 - Watersports
  • Ex - Urban Cowboy, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 - FIBUA/OBUA with Southampton UOTC
  • TA Potential Officers Course
  • UOTC Signals Course
  • Op - Telic 3 - Eden Company, 200 Sig Sqn. (OP CON 1RRW)
So, as you can see I've done a lot, and this isn't the full list.

I like to cycle as well. Currently I'm riding a Halfords' Apollo something or other, which is slightly mangled from an accident a couple of years ago. Its not badly mangled, just slight dents, but It really does need replacing. I like to trail cycle, rather than race, and therefore I intend to get another mountain bike

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