Over Clocked

A subgenre of Science Fiction identified by Cory Doctorow, being a bit like a Hard SF version of Cyber Punk, where the computer isn't just a Mac Guffin or a plot device which gives access to a cool metaphorical universe, it's actually a computer. If a story hinges on the reducability of problems from NP Complete to P Complete?, then it's probably Over Clocked (cough cough Charlie Stross cough).

Ironically, there doesn't seem to be any description of it on the internet. Except, tangentially, on Niall Harrison's Live Journal: <lj:coalescent/36716>.

It was mentioned in a chat hosted on Sci Fi.com with Pat Forde, Molly Gloss and Charles Stross: http://www.scifi.com/transcripts/2003/asimovs8.12.html

"Gardner: Bruce Sterling says that you're an "Overclocker," which is a critical term he's just come up with.
"Gardner: Cory Doctorow has some group-name of his own, which I've forgotten.
"Chat Mod?: How does he define it?
"cstross: An Overclocker? That's better than Nerdcore!
"Gardner: Ah, Nerdcore, that was it!
"Gardner: Awful.
"cstross: However, Warren Ellis seems to be trying to revive Technogoth right now, so ...
"Gardner: Chat Mod?, as far as I could tell, Overclocker is defined as: either Charles Stross or Cory Doctorow.
"pforde: As opposed to the rest of us Undertickers
"Gardner: Or maybe their love-children.
"cstross: Mwahahahahaha! Yield to the New Movement! Resistance is futile! You WILL? be overclocked! In the future we will all be fifteen minutes faster!

There is a case to be made that 'True Names' is the primordial work of Over Clocked (like Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus is to Science Fiction, according to Brian Aldiss); it has a much more technically realistic depiction of the network than most Cyber Punk, and technical aspects of human and computer intelligence are crucial to the story.

Also, the name of a techie online magazine responsible for the initial propagation of the All Your Base meme.

References and a more accurate or extensive definition would be good.

See also: Nerd Core? (or Nerd C0re?), Techno Goth?, The New Weird and the New Space Opera?.

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