St Giles

Street in Oxford, home to remains of the Sunken Cathedral (which some refer to as the Martyrs Memorial), the War Memorial, many colleges, many traffic jams, and formerly overlooked by the technological terror that is the OUSFG Library.

This wide, tree lined, somewhat boulevard-esque connects Banbury Road and Woodstock Road?, at its Northern end (and Little Clarendon Street jutting off to the West just as St Giles becomes Woodstock), and Magdalen Street and Beaumont Street to the South. Features of interest, in addition to the aforementioned Memorials, are the Taylorian Institute; part of the Ashmolean Museum and home of the Modern Languages Faculty Library, St Johns College, the side of Balliol College, the Oxford Internet Institute, a public toilet underneath the road, a narrow electronic gate o' doom belonging to Trinity College, one Oxfam Bookshop, St Cross College?, several hundred pigeons (daytime only), a couple of Kebab Vans (nighttime only), and an invisible alien war fleet in parking orbit above St Giles Church.

Category Oxford Geography

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