Star Bucks

Hum the Imperial March from "The Empire Strikes Back" and you'll get the idea.

"We are Starbucks. You will be assimilated." -- WJR

Or even, "We will survive. We will proliferate....!!" The coffee can be nice, but rather pricey for what you're getting. On the other hand, it's virtually the only brand of coffee you're likely to find in midtown New York. --TL

See <> for details.

Starbucks can now be found inside a variety of supermarkets in the US. And Borders Books over here.

There's a bookshop down St Aldates, called Reservoir Books, serving as a bookshop, cafe, video rental, with plans to show classic films soon. Apparently it's the first stage of a multimedia arts centre. Word is, there's a community Wi Fi access point project starting here. Star Bucks is already piloting this in London (after its success in America Land), and it would be cool if Reservoir Books could get this going before Oxford's Star Bucks. I haven't checked it out yet, but once I have done I'll move all this text to a more appropriate place. - AM

The chain originally began in Seattle.

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