The Matrix

A blockbuster SF movie. Quite popular with Science Fiction people, despite being decidedly lacking in any genuine Science Fiction; probably because it is well-made and stylish.

Decidedly lacking in any genuine Science Fiction - I disagree entirely. Living in the future in a world created by robots is not SF???? -- DM No, it's the present day. -- TA

Trinity is the One/ It's the power of luuurrrve, can't you guys see that?

I mean, it's not as if dodging bullets is all it's cracked up to be. Neo died

Unless you're Keanu Reeves, in which case you're an actor and using wire-fu in an evil media plot to encapsulate us all in some sort of revenue-generating cycle to give him ultimate power.

Er. Is this where I came in? All my male friends keep playing the bits where guns and esoteric arts of War are "cool" so I may have missed the bit where Tom Anderson is revealed as the Saviour because he's got resurrection down pat. And does that happen as he's removed from the evil AI net or when he needs a bit of female intervention.

No, This is the bit where I take the red pill. Oh, yes.


but hadn't you noticed that 'Neo' is an anagram of 'One'? --TL It's also an anagram of 'noe'. Um? --TL

"To paint The Matrix as some kind of solitary, unaided fundamental of modern Sci Fi action without recognizing the liberal plunder of William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and John Woo? is laughable." -- Tycho, writing on Penny Arcade

But it's a lot like real life, according to one reviewer, too:,6903,905475,00.html

Yes, there are sequels. Reviewed more than adequately here: <> (refers to Carrie Anne Moss? throughout as 'Memento babe', which is cool).

There is also The Animatrix, which is nothing to do with The Animaniacs.

And the official sunglasses. Like real SF-fans go out in daylight.

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