Thea Logies Library

Some of the volumes collected by Thea Logie:

Douglas Adams

Isaac Asimov

Margaret Atwood

JG Ballard

Iain Banks

Greg Bear

Gene Brewer?

Anthony Burgess

William Burroughs

Arthur C Clarke

Michael Crichton

Paul Davies

Neil Gaiman

Alan Garner

Robert Harris

Aldous Huxley?

CS Lewis

Wil Mc Carthy?

JK Rowling

Joanna Russ?

Geoff Ryman

Walter Tevis?

Thea Von Harbou

HG Wells

Connie Willis?

John Wyndham

Yevgeny Zamyatin?

Various compendia of short stories, various authors



The Uninvited (remember that?), Tron, Terminator 2, Star Trek: Generations, The Prisoner, Men In Black, Blake's Seven, Bugs, Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Doctor Who

Tally currently stands at 80ish (lost count!) items, mostly BBC novellas. Enquire with owner.


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