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For greater reinforcement of the fact that Wiki Is A Website, add your comments here unless they're immediately relevant to the homepage. Cheers --TL

Welcome to the wiki! Oh, and there aren't that many people called Alex Cameron, though, are there? -- Tom Anderson

No, but you'll agree there are too many Alexes... It makes for more interest. TL

<paranoia>They're all part of one entity! It's a conspiracy! </paranoia> WJR

I prefer to call it a gestalt, myself. TL

Depends... are you planning to conquer the world? Do you willingly continue to associate with any persons[1] you believe are planning to take over the world? If so, then it's probably a conspiracy. -- WJR

Ivan Georgiev

Well, I hope not... and I'm not a resident of the USA by my own choice, exactly... had I the power to vote Over There (which I don't at the mo), I would not have voted for GWB --TL

(on Steve Bell's creations) All right, that's frightening... -- WJR

On cuddly Cthulus: <deep vocoder distorted voice> Nooooooooooo! </vocoder> -- WJR

I see the picture's working again now. Hurrah for Wiki Pictures! -- WJR

Miss Logie, for services rendered to the insane ID of the world in your sterling service hunting down the maddest portions of the Internet and stapling them firmly to the Insane Shit page of this Wiki, the Eternals would like to present you with a gold star and nominate you as an apprentice Elder God. :) -- WJR

You googled marmite? Thea, sometimes you make me feel so sane. ;-p -- WJR Cheeky! :)

Marmite, Newcastle Brown Ale flavoured Ice Cream... it's a compendium of madness. You don't need to 'get out more', m'dear, the world does. We're the sane ones! -- WJR

Just saying 'hello' again! -- Lukas Quillier

hey, what'd you think of the books? also, lush rocks. -- SDN Very nice indeed, especially the story in 'Firebirds' about the secret life of cats... most fun. Also 'Enchantress from the Stars' - very good crossover. --TL oh, hooray! i thought you'd like it. did i give you any Pamela Dean? --SDN Just the first of the trilogy, and yes, quite eclectic in its ambitions, tho' it did rather leave the whole plotline hanging by a thread at the end... --TL do you want the other two? --SDN possibly, tho' very busy at the moment --TL

Simpsons ep. looks fab, any idea when it's scheduled for the UK? You never know, being a special episode for English fans perhaps the BBC will deign to break their loop tape for the occasion! -- WJR x

Declaring my presence - a tidy little site you have here... -- Matthew K. 'tidy' in the sense of size: I know, it needs a bit of sweeping out: but be you the Matthew K I know? --TL

(1) For the purposes of this enquiry, the OUSFG library is not considered a person.

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