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Wiki Text is the language in which wiki pages are written. You may not have noticed that there is such a language, because it's so unobtrusive!

Every wiki engine has its own dialect (although quite a number have standardised on something called Structured Text), and this page naturally describes that used by Twic I; Twic I's dialect is intended to be close to the typographical conventions people use in email and news, and so to be easy and natural to learn.

etc - in the middle of this -- TA

I'm going to write a big tutorial/reference manual/history/analysis on Twic I's text formatting rules here. Real Soon Now. -- TA

Just nipping in to point out that there is a way to make WikiNames not be Wiki Names, to end them earlier, making shorter Wiki Names, or to have InternalWiki NamesLikeSo. See source for details and see if you can work out why it works! P.S. It doesn't work for all-capitalised words, I've tried --TL TRY HARDER! Also, it doesn't work well in some browsers inside italics - WorksFineOutsideItalicsThough -- TA

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