Ændr the Mad Hatter

Hello and welcome!
My nickname? I like hats - lots and lots and lots.

Who am I?

promise badge]

I love Guiding. A brief history of me (guiding):

I have an amateur radio licence (M1FGO), which I got mainly for the purpose of helping Guides and Scouts talk to each other using amateur radio. I help out at Youlbury Scout and Guide Radio station (GB4YOU) when I can.

I'm a married woman and a mother (eek).

I married Ganesh on 24th February 2007. Photographs are collated here. We then had two children, Alex and Heather

I love hats

[MadHatter smiley] I love hats... this is an understatement. I collect hats... this is an understatement. I collect hats... and have lost count at the moment but the number is somewhere between 80 and 99. When I get a round tuit, I will put some photos of my hats somewhere around here. However, don't hold your breath - I wrote that over 10 years ago and still haven't got the correct round tuit.

Other hobbies

In my spare time, I do a lot of needlecrafts and other crafts. Many of them have a slightly Guidey slant, in that I tend to work out crafts that the Guides or Brownies can do. A list of some of my larger pieces of (borrowable) craft equipment is at my craft page. I also read a lot of fantasy fiction, historical fiction, crime fiction and linguistic non-fiction. I occasionally do Scottish Country Dancing and play computer games. I'm rather addicted to OxIRC, but I won't give you a link because it's rather addictive. I got into reenacting at Kentwell in 2013 and have even less time to update my webpage, now.


I enjoy cooking and some of my favourite recipes are here.

What I look like

Well, that's me, except what I look like... Oh, and I'm a lefty and proud of it!

Abysmal photography

The photographs from my digital cameras can be found here.

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