AEndr's Recipes

These are recipes that I've collected together over some time. Mostly cakes and biccies and other sweet-toothed palate pleasers that are fattening. That's not all I cook, but it's what I need recipes for. Other (nice) stuff I eat, I generally just throw together out of ingredients I have or bought because I fancied them while shopping. I've tried to indicate metric and imperial units and any out of the ordinary (for a starting out student) equipment needed. Unless the name of the dish says otherwise, most stuff here is veggie. Lots of it is vegan-able, but I don't have the experience to do the converting myself. It would mostly boil down to using a vegan marge and an egg substitute and some really dark chocolate, I think. Other food intolerances I haven't really needed to consider yet in my life. I also frequently leave out pinches of salt, but I've put them in in these recipes because not everyone is accustomed as I am to having low-salt food and will notice the absence.

Here is a conversion chart for oven temperatures. All my recipes will have the temperatures for the various types of ovens listed.

Here is a glossary of useful terms I have used in my recipes.

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