Fleur Pastry

This makes 2 lemon fleurs of the size of tin my mother has, but that doesn't help you. I'm useless at judging size though, so I won't guess. Ah, she says they are 8 inch fluted loose base sandwich tins. You can freeze the pastry base once made, or it will last a couple of days in a sealed plastic bag. Either way, store it in its tin.


Oven Temperatures

pre-heated oven 190 C 375 F GM5 (170C fan assisted oven)



  1. Beat fat and sugar until soft and white.
  2. Add one beaten egg yolk and flour gradually. If too dry add second egg yolk.
  3. Knead a little to make pastry hold together.
  4. Line a sandwich tin with rolled out pastry.
  5. Bake blind (place greaseproof paper on pastry in tin, overlapping sides and fill evenly with rice or baking beans) at 190 C 375 F GM5 (170C fan assisted oven for 20 minutes.
  6. When nearly done, lift off rice and paper and return to oven for a few minutes. Do not over cook.


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