Chicken in a cream and white wine sauce

This being a recipe I threw together, it is pretty handwavy and "a little bit of this and a little bit of that". Don't try to follow it if you aren't fairly used to cooking stuff you've made up yourself. It's basically chicken marinaded in white wine with a white wine, cream, mushroom, garlic and onion sauce.

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  1. Crush half of the garlic.
  2. Cut the chicken into smallish pieces - small enough to eat in a mouthful.
  3. Place the garlic, some salt and pepper, the wine and the chicken in a bowl and cover. Leave for as long as possible, up to around 6 hours. If it is a warm day, leave in the fridge.
  4. Chop the rest of the garlic finely and mix with the breadcrumbs, herbs and some more salt and pepper. Place in a plastic bag.
  5. Beat the egg.
  6. Dip the chicken in the egg then place in the bag. When there are a few pieces in the bag, seal with plenty of air and shake well. Lift out the chicken and place on a plate. Repeat until all chicken coated.
  7. Slice the mushrooms.
  8. Chop the onions.
  9. Fry the chicken in butter with a touch of olive oil on a low heat until properly cooked.
  10. Put the done chicken in a casserole dish and in the oven on a low heat to keep warm.
  11. Fry the onions in the same pan; when part done, add the mushrooms.
  12. Pour in the white wine to make a sauce and finally add the cream.
  13. Serve on a bed of white rice with baby corn or green beans.
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