OUSFG Award Candidates

This page is for the long lists for the OUSFG Award, which typically amount to all eligible books minus Spin Offery and the middle bits of interminable serieses (though neither of these exclusions are set in stone.) They're in reverse chronological order. OUSFG Award Shortlists and OUSFG Award Winners have their own pages.

Oct 07--Sep 08


Oct 06--Sep 07


Oct 05--Sep 06


Oct 04--Sep 05

Oct 03--Sep 04

Annotating the list: ideally, all books on this list (and all authors) will have their own Wiki pages. To learn how to create Wiki pages, see the Wiki How To or Wiki FAQ. Basically, hit 'edit' at the bottom of any page and enter your text, then hit 'submit'. For arcane reasons, books with one-word titles are suffixed with 'book', e.g. Coalescent Book by Stephen Baxter.

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