PhotoPub - a perl image publication program


The latest version is 0.3.3 - you can download it here. Please subscribe to the (low-volume) announcements list so you can keep up to date with new releases.

Debian and Redhat binary packages are also available; the source tarball can be used to rebuild them yourself if you prefer.

If you are running Debian woody (stable), you can use the following line in your sources.list:

deb woody main

Please note that this is poorly documented (to the point that you may have to read the source to understand how to configure it), alpha-quality software. Before installing, you should be aware of the following specific issues that we do know about (as well as the obvious warning about potential issues we don't):

Releases should be signed (in a separate signature file) with Ganesh Sittampalam's PGP key, keyid 0x80883801.

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