PhotoPub - a perl image publication program


Does PhotoPub really exist?

Yes! Not only can you grab alpha versions of it from the download page, you can also see copies of it in use out there in the wild. See the Magdalen College JCR photo page to see PhotoPub in action.

Are you ever going to release PhotoPub?

Yes! Real soon now, honest. While we still don't have an ETA for the 1.0 release, we are now putting out periodic alpha releases of PhotoPub. See the download page for how to grab these.

Will PhotoPub work with safeperl?

Maybe, with a significant amount of work. Safeperl doesn't allow any Perl modules to be loaded, which makes life a bit inconvenient. In particular, Photopub uses Image::Magick to create cache images, and since Image::Magick is partly implemented in C, it won't be possible for the CGI to generate new cache images whilst running under SafePerl. However if all required cache images were pre-generated it ought to be possible to "compile" the current code into monolithic CGI scripts that don't use Perl modules at all.
An alternative for safeperl sites may be to use static page generation. With this, PhotoPub will spit out static versions of all your pages and images, and you just point your webserver at those. We hope to have static page generation available in the near future.

What licence is PhotoPub released under?

The GPL.

How does the release numbering work?

It's essentially the same as the Linux kernel - majorversion.minorversion.subrelease, with an even minorversion indicating a stable release and an odd minorversion indicating a development release. Additionally, there will be some releases in the development series, which should be considered "snapshots" taken at that particular moment, and even more experimental than the standard development releases.

Give me some more example Photopub pages!

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