PhotoPub - a perl image publication program


26/04/03: A version supporting static page generation is in the works, and should be available shortly.

18/02/03: Version 0.1.6 has been released, fixing various bugs and with some improved documentation.

21/01/03: Version 0.1.5 has been released.

09/01/03: Version 0.1.3 has a silly bug with dealing with many of the advanced aliasing features; so 0.1.4 is out already.

09/01/03: Version 0.1.3 has been released, which should be about twice as fast as 0.1.2 on large albums.

07/01/03: Version 0.1.2 has been released to fix a significant performance issue in albums with 0.1.1.

06/01/03: The release has now happened, but it's called 0.1.1 not 0.1.0 and should be considered alpha quality, given the continuing lack of coherent documentation. It can be found on the download page.

04/01/03: A flurry of development has happened over Christmas, and we are now getting suprisingly close to that 0.1.0 beta release.

07/05/02: Development has slowed as we enter the University exams period, but expect an explosion of developement once we're on the far side of them! We're getting quite close to a release now.

02/03/02: We're still alive, don't worry. A lot has happened with photopub in recent months, and we plan to release something soon. Honest, guv.

19/06/01: We are currently working towards a public beta release.

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