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Tom Anderson <> is the founder, engineer, host, administrator and (absentee) tyrannical despot of the OUSFG Wiki; his official title is Absolute Sole and Sacred Omni Imperious Arch Grand Arch Sovereign Omni Imperious Arch Grand Arch Proprietor Omni Imperious Arch-Grand-Arch-Emperor Supreme.

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He will add more stuff to the Twic I engine if you ask (leave a note on the Twic I Wishlist page). It may take some time, though.

He thinks that the OUSFG Wiki needs more editing of what's been written and more general SF content. If it had that, he propounds, it would get more general use.

As far as books go, he likes Arthur C Clarke, Larry Niven (sometimes), Greg Egan, Ted Chiang, Ken Mac Leod (of whom he hasn't read enough), Stanislaw Lem, Chris Priest, Brian Stableford?, Brian Aldiss, Jeff Noon, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling, John Barnes, Victor Pelevin, Jorge Luis Borges? and, ooh, loads of people (including, recently, the grotesquely brilliant HP Lovecraft). Books by some of these can be found in Tom Andersons Library. He deplores Tri Logies and, indeed, novels.

He likes to think that he is an expert on Eating In Oxford. He also likes to think about beer, especially Deuchars IPA. He really likes Insane Shit. He wants a Scanning Tunnelling Electron Microscope.

He is an investigator at the Google Meme Observatory.

He is assembling an SF Reading List For Non SF Readers.

Here are some of his random musings:

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