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"Some share differently the cold obtaining of the tea."

Thanks be to Tim Adye for the original of the above picture.

Hail, fellow Wiki Zens, William Ramsden here, former Arts Student, Whovian and would-be writer, friend of Thea Logie and entity somewhat bewildered by much of modern technology. I am currently editor of the Doc Soc magazine, Tides Of Time- new issue available Real Soon Now, and have served as President of the Doc Soc (Trinity 02), Vice-President of the same (Michaelmas-Hilary 02/03), OUSFG Video Rep and OUSFG Newsletter Editor (Trinity-Hilary 02/03), and Bab Soc Web God (Trinity-Hilary 01/02). By now, I'm a disturbingly longstanding member of OUSFG and Doc Soc.

<http://www.quizilla.com/users/CosmikDebris/quizzes/Which%20Time%20Lord%20are%20you%3F%20> I am, it seems, the Master. Why does everyone think I'm evil...? You will obey me and no one else. I am the Master. I can't imagine where this belief comes from. The universe is biased, that must be it.

For those OUSF Gi who don't know me, I'll be the one sitting under the all- terrain eyebrows looking perplexed by Alx One's jokes and losing focus when discussions get too techy. When the conversation gets too disturbing, there's a fifty-percent chance that I'll be the one to invoke the tumbleweed (a mysterious life form, frequently sighted by WJR and TL at OUSFG meetings, the strange truth of the tumbleweed was finally revealed in the cataclysmic saga of Zool V...) Probably capable of being both naively idealistic and brutally cynical (sometimes in the space of the same syllable), I define my approach to the rest of the human race as 'Human: good, humanity: bad, politician: ugly'. I do, however, contribute to Zool V, which probably doesn't say too much for my own sanity. I like to stress the word society in the Doctor Who Society (Doc Soc), and the word group in Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group, because I don't like the idea of either being about sitting in darkened rooms watching videos with not a word to either side.

I'm a fan of the Wiki, since it allows the sheer silly side of OUSFG to come to the fore, and that can only be a good thing. I've collected one or two noms de clavier over the years, including Danger Mouse (not to be confused with PINATA), The Flying Goldfish Of Doom, The Other Kitten, and most recently Lukas Quillier (thanks offered to Thea Logie for that one).

I live in Norfolk, in a small "Historic Market Town", whose "Historic" nature is proudly trumpeted by the same Town Council which strives desperately to destroy the town's historic buildings, or conceal them behind hideous inelegant 'continental' plazas. This town is positioned on a slight rise in the middle of the fens. The same effect can be achieved by placing a small piece of soil in the centre of a soggy dinner plate full of flat mud, and building a miniature town upon it. See Downham Market Town Council.

A selection of my pet hates (and several other people's) may be found in the Wiki's own Room 101:

The Inferno.

And of course, on the flip side of such bile, let us now unleash the unashamed daydreaming of the:

Super Power Wish List

As a slight spin-off from the above, how about the:

Wanted Paranormal Pet List?

I'm a former St John's French and Philosophy student, which prepares you for life in a real world. Not this one though. Still, I've picked up from Real Life and from the big and small screens, and made up a few handy pieces of advice, now moved, on Thea Logie's recommendation, to a separate page for:

Advice Of William Ramsden

TL and I have also compiled a few OUSF Gish T Shirt Slogans, which are linked from the OUSFG pages, but that's no reason why they shouldn't be mentioned here as well, in the interests of weaving further strands of Wiki. The same goes for Blank White Card Suggestions.

The Subconscious is a wild and wacky place, which frequently unleashes:

Disturbing Dreams

Should you wish to depart from the Wiki (heresy) and wander round the rest of the Internet, here are some nice links for you:

For any more in-depth (or at least, more drawn-out) information on me, you should probably consult the 'about me' page of my website. For more random and amusing slices of lightly roasted internet marinaded in its own juices, see Thea Logie's scrapbook.

According to Quizilla, I am Season Twenty-Six of Doctor Who.

William James Ramsden

Be seeing you.

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